“We’re full of hyaluronic acid.” This is a somewhat ironic statement, but it describes the reality. In our bodies, about 50% of this substance is present in our skin. It also forms the basic substance of synovial fluid, which lubricates our joints, the vitreous body of the eye and the umbilical cord. Hyaluronic acid performs many biological functions, different depending on its size. You could say it’s a matter of size!

Many cosmetic products boast the presence of hyaluronic acid: what is it used for? Hyaluronic acid, included in topical formulas, helps moisturize and heal the skin. It fills the spaces in its surface for a few hours until it degrades. In this case, it acts as a “superficial filler”: hyaluronic acid binds lots of water molecules and acts as a moisturizing agent.  Does it penetrate as far as the dermis? Absolutely not! The dermo-epidermal junction blocks the descent of such large molecules. Is it good for the skin? Yes! It keeps it hydrated and small wrinkles are less visible, for a few hours.

On the other side of this great ocean of products with hyaluronic acid are the intradermal fillers, solutions with hyaluronic acid that are injected with micro needles in the areas to be filled. In this case, the hyaluronic acid is distributed in the deep tissues remaining for a few months. These products are to all intents and purposes medical devices.  They are used in aesthetic medicine but, specific formulations are also studied for intra-articular injection in rheumatology and orthopedic or maxillofacial surgery. In the face, they are tactile fillers that change volumes in a few hours if applied with the skilled hand of a doctor-sculptor. Are they dangerous? No! Are they effective? Yes! Do they last forever? No! The “touch-up” must be maintained.

Finally, there are hyaluronic acid precursors. These have the purpose of stimulating and defending the capital of this substance that each of us possesses. They are molecules that activate the fibroblast, the natural producer of our hyaluronic acid, and help it work harder. Do they act instantly? No. Do they last over time? Yes! Can they be used together with the other two? Yes! A multitasking strategy guarantees wow results!

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